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Being proactive pays off for Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority

May 3, 2012

The Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority is a responsible steward of its facility, and in 2011 the organization’s leadership knew exploring cool roof coating options was the best choice for the future of ACMUA building.

Although the roof wasn’t facing any specific structural challenges and wasn’t particularly old, the ACMUA recognized the facility would benefit from the energy efficiency and surface protection offered by a cool roof coating. Additionally, the ACMUA had already begun discussions about utilizing solar energy and knew a cool roof was the best way to prepare for solar installation and enable optimal solar performance.

After doing exhaustive homework on available products and conducting field comparisons, the ACMUA identified EPOX-Z NRG as the best product in the cool roof category. After inspecting several roofs that EPOX-Z had coated, the ACMUA chose to use NRG rather than using less substantial other elastomeric coatings which didn’t offer the performance and longevity advantages of NRG.

The 15,000 square foot roof was prepped and coated in less than 10 days. By being proactive with EPOX-Z NRG, the ACMUA preemptively solved challenges its building could face by extending the life of its roof and readying its roof for solar installation.

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