High Performance Coatings


EPOX-Z Corporation began as a materials science consulting group specializing in the design and implementation of high performance solutions for the construction, transportation, aerospace and polymer industries.

Headquartered in Massachusetts with world class manufacturing facilities in Rhode Island, EPOX-Z Corporation is a recognized leader in high performance coating solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.


EPOX-Z coatings are based upon a completely unique polymer chemistry and cutting-edge technology. The proprietary polymer utilized in the coating system improves the environmental impact of the coating and thus eliminates the inclusion of toxic solvents. Furthermore, the revolutionary and proprietary curing agents used in the coating enable it to outperform other coatings available in the market.

Most of the coatings available in the market are part of a multi-coat system that consists of a primer coat, an intermediate coat, and a topcoat. EPOX-Z’s coatings are applied in single coat, which significantly reduces the total quantity of coating material needed to accomplish a particular project. The efficiency of the coatings result in significant cost savings for the end users.