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EPOX-Z Approved as Market Partner for Con Edison C&I Energy Efficiency Program

July 25, 2012

Energy efficient coatings manufacturer EPOX-Z, Inc. has been approved as a Market Partner for the Con Edison Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Program.

EPOX-Z is a manufacturer of proprietary, high-performance coating solutions that feature leading polymer technology and provide unmatched benefits for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. The company has distinguished itself in metropolitan areas in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic by offering a flexible, technologically advanced reflective roof coating, NRG Cool Roof Coating, that offers unparalleled durability and performance characteristics compared to other coatings.

The Con Edison Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program offers generous incentives to existing customers for using products and technologies that promote energy efficiency. The Market Partner Network is made up of approved contractors, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers, architects, engineers and energy consultants that provide access to products and services which make it easy for Con Edison C&I customers to meet their energy savings goals.

The New York metropolitan area has made ehancing energy efficiency a focal point for more than four years, and cool roof coatings are considered a potent weapon in the fight to reduce energy usage and battle environmental challenges such as heat island effect. EPOX-Z NRG is the perfect product to help commercial and industrial Con Edison customers comply with recently adopted New York City standards that require more environmentally friendly roof surfaces.

“Being a part of the Con Edison Market Partner Network links EPOX-Z to other market leaders in promoting energy efficiency and provides us with additional opportunities to share our innovative products with Con Edison’s commercial and industrial customers,” said EPOX-Z president and CEO Tony Camarota. “Our coatings are ideal for this program, because our industrial and roof coatings were engineered with optimal energy efficiency as a primary goal. Cool roof coatings in particular have been singled out as one of the most effective pathways for commercial and industrial structures to achieve increased energy efficiency, and EPOX-Z NRG Cool Roof Coating offers performance attributes which aren’t found in other roof coatings.”

EPOX-Z NRG is a solventless, odorless two-part, 100-percent solids cool roof coating and is the only cool roof coating proven to mitigate the damaging effects of ponding water and eliminate leaks on flat roof surfaces. The energy-saving benefits of cool roof coatings are well documented by the U.S. Department of Energy, and EPOX-Z NRG has already been successfully applied to many commercial and industrial rooftops in the metropolitan New York area as well as other Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic urban areas.

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