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Endorsement from Georgia’s Civil Rights Museum

May 13, 2011

“Georgia’s Official Civil Rights Museum”

May 9, 2011

To: Whom it may concern

This is an open letter to fully endorse the EPOX-Z roofing products.

In our application we had a fifteen year old modified bitumen roof that was leaking in several areas. Our roof was installed with a proper pitch and the workmanship passed applicable codes. But over the past few years we have had an assortment of problems with persistent leaks. Licensed contractors were approached and patches were attempted but none worked. It was recommended that we needed a new roof at a cost of approximately $15,000 that we simply could not afford.

Then the opportunity to discover a relatively new product with excellent potential was presented by Mr. Nick Peragine. This product was designed to restore and waterproof the roof. It also reduces heat transfer into the attic and was different from any other material we came in contact with. These products were evaluated by construction experts for Chatham County who were so impressed that they agreed to cover half the cost of the new EPOX-Z product for our roof!

In March 2011, the roof was completely resurfaced with EPOX-Z NRG™ Cool Roof Coating with the entire process only taking a matter of a few days to complete and our persistent leaks disappeared immediately.

At last we had an affordable product that was environmentally sound. Even more it reduced our carbon footprint, lowered our energy costs AND solved our leaking roof.

EPOX-Z is a complete WIN, WIN, and WIN! It can’t get any better than that!


John W. Jamerson, III
Chairman Board of Directors

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