High Performance Coatings

Carbon Mitigation

EPOX-Z NRG™ is a cost-effective path to smaller carbon footprint

Reducing harmful carbon emissions has become a global high priority, and cool roof coatings like EPOX-Z NRG have been identified as one of the most cost effective and efficient strategies to reduce carbon emissions and promote climate change.

Because of reduced energy usage from dramatically lowered building temperatures, data from recent studies indicates that coating 1,000 square feet of a commercial flat roof with a reflective coating like EPOX-Z NRG will offset 10 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. That the equivalent of taking two and a half cars off the road!

Not only does a black roof contribute to the heat island effect which raises the ambient temperature in metropolitan areas, black roofs also radiates energy directly into the atmosphere which ends up trapped by the greenhouse effect and contributes to global warming. The US Department of Energy is believes so strongly in the role of cool roofs in curbing global warming that in 2010 U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu directed all DOE offices and facilities to install cool roofs when constructing new roofs or addressing the needs of existing roofs.

“Coating 1000 sq/ft. of a commercial flat roof with a cool white coating offsets 10 tons of CO2 emissions. A car produces four tons of CO2per year.” Heat Island Group LBNL

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