High Performance Coatings

Cool Roof Benefits

NRG™ is a win for the wallet and the environment

Cool technologies reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays as well as provide surface protection and restorative features. To truly calculate the benefits of cool roof technologies, both economic and environmental savings must be factored into the equation. But however you add it up, the bottom line is  including EPOX-Z NRG™ Cool Roof Coating as part of your energy efficiency program will extend the life of a roof while realizing immediate annual energy and cost savings.

economic savings

The economic savings of using EPOX-Z NRG™ Cool Roof Coating is multifaceted but includes the money saved on energy bills as well as avoiding the cost of roof replacement:

  • The cost of roof replacement is one of the expensive burdens a building can face, so extending the life of the roof by using a high quality coating such as EPOX-Z NRG™ represents an enormous savings for any commercial or industrial property.
  • EPOX-Z NRG™ can lower roof surface temperature by up to 100°F during hot summer months, decreasing the amount of heat transferred into a building and reducing the load for cooling equipment. Less heat transfer equates to substantially lower energy bills.
  • By reducing the work being done by cooling equipment, the maintenance cost of air condition equipment is also dramatically lowered.

environmental savings

Cool Roof technologies have been acknowledged as a critical and essential tool in the global effort to reduce overall energy usage and better manage natural resources. Commercial and industrial buildings are massive energy consumers, and using EPOX-Z NRG™ carries a substantial environmental impact:

  • Cool Roof technologies reduce the Heat Island Effect which can affect metropolitan communities by increasing summertime energy demand and air conditioning costs as well as increase the production of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. EPOX-Z NRG™ enables roof surfaces to absorb less heat and mitigates the Heat Island Effect.
  • The U.S. Department of Energy calculated that converting 80% of commercial buildings in the U.S. to cool roofs would reduce carbon emissions by 6.23 metric tons annually – the equivalent of removing 1.2 million cars from the road!

“By cooling the roof and reducing heat transfer into the building, cool roofs reduce the cooling load of the facility’s HVAC system, thereby saving energy and money while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.” U.S. Department of Energy