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Building owners and project developers come to you for solutions. EPOX-Z NRG™ offers an alternative to roof replacement, while delivering the financial benefits and energy-saving performance of a cool roof coating. EPOX-Z NRG Cool Roof Coating provides a roof with long-term protection from the elements, extended roof life, and energy savings in one coat—and at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement.

  • EPOX-Z NRG exceeds Cool Roof requirements. With Reflectivity of 80 and Emissivity rated at 90 (SRI of 100), it is very effective in lowering roof surface temperatures and reducing cooling energy requirements.
  • EPOX-Z NRG can earn a building up to seven LEED points.
  • EPOX-Z coatings have zero VOCs, no solvents or other harmful chemicals and are a good fit for projects with stringent environmental guidelines or where disruption to residents must be minimized.

Energy efficiency and sustainable materials are becoming ever more important principles in the design of commercial buildings. EPOX-Z adds value to a renovation or expansion project on both counts.

EPOX-Z Corporation is an AIA/CES Approved Provider and offers an AIA/CES Registered course entitled COOLROOF101/Minimize Energy Consumption with Enhanced Cool Roof Coatings. This course qualifies for 1 Sustainable Design credit; attendees demonstrate commitment to leading the way toward carbon neutrality in buildings.

Course description: Cool roofs are distinguished among energy conservation measures because of the many environmental benefits they can provide. This course will help architects to evaluate problems with their clients’ structures/buildings and to design the means of correction and protection. Click and search for EPOX-Z in the AIA Course Directory to register: COOL ROOF 101

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