High Performance Coatings


Solve Your Customers’ Problems

The only call-backs you want are for more contracts. EPOX-Z   High Performance Coatings can reduce labor costs and put an end to emergency service calls from frustrated building owners. With a SINGLE COAT of EPOX-Z   you can:

  • Speed up completion of any construction project
  • Deliver long-term corrosion protection of surfaces exposed to harsh environments
  • Permanently Restore Damaged Concrete in Floors, Masonry, CMU’s, Products and Structures

EPOX-Z products are especially formulated to solve long term persistent chronic surface protection problems

Compare us to all others and see how we’re different:

  • 100% Solids—Zero Water, Zero Solvents
  • Withstands Water Intrusion
  • Resists Chalking
  • 10 Year Warranty Available

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