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EPOX-Z NRG Cool Roof Coating Helps Solar Systems Exceed Expectations

November 25, 2013

– Private school project in Massachusetts demonstrates that EPOX-Z’s high performance coating increases energy output for solar systems.

SOUTH HAMILTON, MA – Cool roofs and solar panels are a powerful combination.

EPOX-Z, manufacturer of NRG Cool Roof Coating, partnered with solar photovoltaic developer Solect Energy to bring solar power to the Pingree School in South Hamilton, Mass., in February and the power output results of EPOX-Z’s cool roof and Solect Energy’s solar system have already exceeded expectations. The 770-panel system was installed on the H. Alden Johnson, Jr. Hockey Rink in South Hamilton, Mass., and the installation would never have been possible without EPOX-Z.pingree school coated roof

The metal roof on the facility was worn and rusted, and it appeared that a new roof costing in excess of $100,000 would be required in order for Solect Energy to install its solar panels. The cost of the new roof made the project unaffordable for the Pingree School, and the project stalled until EPOX-Z presented its affordable and performance-enhancing alternative.

The cost for EPOX-Z to extend the life of the existing roof on the hockey rink with NRG Cool Roof Coating was nearly half the cost of replacing the roof, and EPOX-Z was able to offer a 20-year warranty that is in line with Solect Energy’s warranty for its solar system. Additionally, EPOX-Z worked with Solect Energy from throughout the installation process to address every detail and be sure the roof surface was tightly sealed to achieve maximum protection and output for the solar system.

The installation has allowed the school to generate its own electricity, and thus far the power output has exceeded the school’s projections and expectations. The system went online in nine months ago and the school started seeing significant reductions in its energy bills throughout the summer.

“We had a situation where we had a roof that was going to need to be replaced, and the cost pushedpingree school solar panels 1 the project over budget,” said Solect Energy partner Stephen J. Bianchi. “By working collaboratively with EPOX-Z, we were able to find a solution. They completely prepared the roof for our solar install, and then they sprayed our hardware on the roof to make sure there were no seams and no possible of water getting in. When you have the opportunity to work with a conscientious partner like EPOX-Z to reduce the cost of your job and save money for your customers, everybody wins.”

Solar industry reports have consistently indicated that a substantial number of solar proposals are not accepted due to the prohibitive cost of roof replacement. Solar installs can’t take place of roofs that are unable to receive the panels or unable to be warrantied for the same length of time as the solar system.

“Not only do we provide a more affordable roof solution, our cool roof product protects the solar system by completely sealing the roof envelope and improves the performance of the solar system by lowering the roof temperature,” said EPOX-Z CEO Tony Camarota. “The cooling effect of using the NRG Cool Roof Coating has allowed the panels to produce more electricity than was projected for the Pingree School through the use of PV system. After monitoring the output for a considerable amount of time following the install, what they have found is working with EPOX-Z and Solect together allowed the school to complete the install for an affordable cost and save money and energy.”

EPOX-Z has worked with several solar developers in the Massachusetts and New Jersey as well as other parts of the northeast US, where energy conservation is top priority. The company has distinguished itself as a leader in the coatings marketplace by offering technologically advanced, eco-friendly coatings that provide unparalleled performance and durability compared to other coatings.