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EPOX-Z NRG cool roof coating offers unparalleled benefits and partner rebate program for solar companies

August 2, 2011

EPOX-Z Corporation launching partner rebate program for solar companies using the companies breakthrough cool roof coating for commercial properties

NORWELL, MA – Boston coatings manufacturer EPOX-Z Corporation is making it easier for solar companies to put their panels on flat commercial roofs.

The cost of roof preparation or roof replacement frequently deters commercial property owners from considering the installation of solar panels. EPOX-Z has introduced a technologically advanced cool roof coating which provides a cost-effective solution with a lifespan that parallels the typical length of a solar Purchase Power Agreement.

EPOX-Z NRG™ is a two-part, 100-percent solids cool roof coating engineered to provide superior performance over all elastomeric coatings. The solventless, odorless coating contains zero VOC’s and is the only cool roof coating proven to mitigate the damaging effects of ponding water on flat commercial roof surfaces.

The superior engineering, composition and performance enable EPOX-Z to offer warrantee terms which are longer than any other cool roof coating on the market. EPOX-Z’s 10-year, 15-year and 20-year warranties for EPOX-Z NRG™ are in line with standard Power Purchase Agreements offered by solar companies.

EPOX-Z is the only cool roof coating company offering a partner incentive program that allows approved solar companies to earn an instant rebate if they partner with EPOX-Z. EPOX-Z gives the solar company the option to retain the rebate or pass the savings through to the customer.

“We know that solar companies often are faced with seemingly insurmountable roof challenges on commercial properties, and our objective is to make sure solar companies are aware that our unique cool roof coating is the most efficient and cost effective pathway to putting solar panels on more commercial properties,” said Ed Bamford, Director of Energy Services for EPOX-Z and a solar industry veteran. “Not only will EPOX-Z NRG™ lower the cost of roof preparation for commercial properties to an affordable level, it will also improve the energy output and lifespan of the solar panels by dramatically lowering the temperature of the roof and making the roof water resistant. We all know that it doesn’t make sense to install solar panels on a black roof, but the solar industry has been waiting on a product like EPOX-Z NRG™ with the necessary properties, benefits and price point to make installation of solar panels an easy decision for commercial property owners.”

Unlike EPOX-Z NRG™, other roof coating products suffer from a variety of performance, functionality and longevity issues which limit their application in the solar industry. EPOX-Z NRG™ inventor and EPOX-Z Corporation CEO Tony Camarota said that solar companies are rapidly embracing the opportunities in the commercial property market created by his company’s innovation in cool roof coatings.

“Solar companies have been frustrated for years that commercial installations were stalled or abandoned because there was not a dependable, cost effective method to address roof issues,” Camarota said. “Other coatings may require several initial coats and frequent reapplication in addition to peeling, chipping, flaking and chalking, so the roof becomes a constant maintenance project. EPOX-Z NRG™ is the first cool roof coating that extends the life of the roof and provides an affordable gateway to solar installation.”

Please call (781) 561-7575 or email solar@EPOX-Z.com for more information on the benefits that can be gained by choosing EPOX-Z NRG™.


EPOX-Z Corporation is a manufacturer of epoxy-based coatings that are used for surface protection in a range of markets including roof restoration, marine, power generation, gas transmission, and wastewater treatment facilities. Driven by the need to protect industrial and commercial structures as well as the environment, EPOX-Z has introduced superior solutions that offer exceptional performance without any environmental hazards. EPOX-Z’s 100 percent solids, solvent-free coatings have exceptional surface tolerance and provide a high level of resistance to chemicals and moisture.

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