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EPOX-Z’s Cool Technology Combats Destructive Effects of Thermal Cracking in Concrete
Five years of field experience in the Caribbean Without a failure

February 29, 2016

NORWELL, MA – “EPOX-Z Corporations’ Cool Technology has successfully stopped thermal cracking in concrete and the subsequent water intrusion in concrete structures,” reports Tony Camarota CEO of EPOX-Z Corporation

Other than the rare earthquake or settling of an older structure, the overwhelming majority of cracking in concrete decks is caused by thermal cracking. The daily fluctuation in ambient temperatures results in a warm portion of the concrete and a cool portion of the concrete. Cool concrete contracts and warm concrete does not contract and actually expands. If you have one portion of the concrete contracting and another portion not contracting or expanding, it will result in tensile stresses and once those tensile stresses exceed the in-place concrete tensile strength, the concrete will crack.

When coated with EPOX-Z the concrete surface no longer has cool sections and warm sections. The differential will be significantly less than 20° C, the temperature differential which causes cracking.

With its outstanding adhesion, reflectivity, and absence of UV degradation, there is virtually no chalking or deterioration caused by water intrusion, there is no thermal flux. Consequently there is no significant expansion and contraction over time which prevents thermal cracks on EPOX-Z coated concrete decks.

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