High Performance Coatings

Industrial Coatings

EPOX-Z Industrial Coatings offer Superior Performance and Long Service Life

EPOX-Z Industrial Coatings are especially effective where industrial surfaces are exposed to harsh environments and high-performing protection is called for. A single coat of EPOX-Z IC covers concrete, steel, pressure treated lumber, fiberglass, drywall, wood, and CMU. EPOX-Z IC creates a highly effective barrier against the elements with:

  • Superior adhesion and impact resistance
  • Shields against water and chemicals
  • Environmentally safe with Zero VOCs and virtually NO odor

EPOX-Z coatings are based upon a completely unique polymer chemistry and cutting-edge technology. The proprietary polymer utilized in the coating system lessens the environmental impact of the coating and thus eliminates the inclusion of toxic solvents. Furthermore, the revolutionary and proprietary curing agents used in the coating enable it to outperform other coatings available in the market.

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