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LIPA Adds Cool Roofs to Commercial Efficiency Program; $.20/ sq. ft. Rebate

June 22, 2011

The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) recently added Cool Roofs to a list of approved measure as part of its Commercial Efficiency Program.

“LIPA’s Commercial Efficiency Program offers rebates to qualifying commercial, industrial, institutional, educational, municipal or multi-family building customers who install energy efficient equipment from a pre-approved list of measures.”

“A cool roof has the ability to deter the sun’s heat and radiation from being transferred into your building, significantly reducing your cooling load and saving you money on energy bills.” LIPA is offering a $0.20/ sq. ft. rebate for installation of a Cool Roof Coating, a significant cost savings on a project with so many benefits.

The benefits of Cool Roofs are numerous, including increased comfort, reduced building cooling loads and electric demand, enhanced life expectancy of the roof membrane and the building’s cooling equipment, and the environmental benefit of aiding in relieving the “urban heat island effect.”

“Lower operating costs and increased efficiency offer savings—a key component to success on Long Island. LIPA’s incentives help to lower the cost of purchasing energy-efficient measures.”

Learn more about LIPA’s Commercial Efficiency Program, and Contact EPOX-Z for a free Cool Roof consultation on your commercial project.

EPOX-Z Corporation is a manufacturer of epoxy-based coatings that are used for surface protection in a range of markets, including roof restoration, marine, power generation, gas transmission, and wastewater treatment facilities. EPOX-Z NRG™ Cool Roof Coating provides extended roof life and “Cool Roof” energy savings in a cost-effective, single coat application.

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