High Performance Coatings

Proven Results

From lab tests, to use cases with step-by-step instructions, and customer success stories, please take the time to explore the proof of EPOX-Z’s differentiating characteristics:

  • Superior performance
  • Simplicity and safety of application
  • Ability to solve long-standing problems

Success Stories

More than just testimonials, these success stories describe challenges, failed approaches, and the benefits building owners and architects have received by choosing an EPOX-Z solution.

Lab Results

We proudly publish our ASTM test results as evidence of EPOX-Z NRG’s high performance. Please note that many of these results are the highest among roof coatings.

Case Studies

These case studies show step-by step the straightforward process of applying EPOX-Z over various surfaces. Note that applicators do not wear protective gear—our Zero VOCs products contain no harmful chemicals.