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Reduce VOC’s…Increase Performance!

November 20, 2014

The growing trend in the coating market is the adoption of coatings which are low in VOC’s. Market forecasts   see this segment of the global coatings industry at 64.2 Billion USD currently and growing at a compound growth rate of 5.9%.

Lost in this economic analysis is the point that solvent free, high solids, environmentally friendly coatings are simply better coatings!

The majority of coatings use water or VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) laden solvents as the vehicle to keep the coating in a liquid state so it can be transferred from the container to the surface. VOCs are harmful to the environment and are also detrimental to the coating system performance.

The drying process of solvent laden coatings relies on solvent or water evaporation. A coating inadvertently applied incorrectly may not be able to allow the solvents to fully evaporate out of the coating leading to solvent entrapment. This can result in blisters, voids, pinholes, or soft spots in the coating. Solventless High Performance Coatings eliminate these solvent risks.

Additionally, Solventless High Performance Coatings deliver better edge retention than solvent based coatings.  As these coatings cure, they do not shrink like solvent-based coatings or pull away from surface edges, thus significantly increasing surface protection.

Solventless High Performance Coatings are virtually odorless allowing for their application without evacuating buildings as well as having a predictable cure times which speeds up the completion schedule of projects.