High Performance Coatings


Spray Application of EPOX-Z NRG Cool Roof Coating

Spray application of EPOX-Z NRG Cool Roof Coating using Graco Spray Equipment. NRG™ is a high performance cool roof coating engineered to provide superior performance. Read more

Application of EPOX-Z NRG Industrial Coating with Squeegee and Roller

EPOX-Z Industrial Coating being applied in a concrete restoration project. EPOX-Z coatings are used for surface protection in a range of markets including roof restoration, marine, power generation, gas transmission, and wastewater treatment facilities. Read more

Centerpoint’s Cool Roof (Connecticut)

In addition to solar panels, Centerpoint, Ct. uses a cool roof coating to help cool the building down and save energy. Read more

Dr. Chu on White Roofs

Secretary Steven Chu discusses the benefits of switching to white roofs and light colored pavements. Read more

Why Cool Roofs?

By installing a cool roof at DOE, the federal government and Secretary Chu are helping to educate families and businesses about the important energy and cost savings that can come with this simple, low-cost technology. Read more

Energy 101: Cool Roofs

This edition of Energy 101 takes a look at how switching to a cool roof can save you money and benefit the environment. Read more