High Performance Coatings

Roof Preservation

Roof PRESERVATION AND REGULAR Maintenance = Risk Management

Preserving a roof through proactive roof maintenance reduces uncertainty and expense of roof management costs just 1/2 to 1/3 the long-term cost of cycling through “just-in-time” repairs until you simply have to completely replace the roof.

Regular Maintenance = Consistent, Controlled, Predictable Expense

Scheduled maintenance of the building envelope and structure is the norm. Why not roof maintenance? After all, the roof is the part of the building envelope exposed to the harshest conditions.

A program of regular roof maintenance includes:

  • Seasonal clearing of debris
    Drains; gutters; blowing
  • Annual powerwashing
    Remove chemicals and dirt
  • Address minor issues before they become major
    Loose flashing; cracked seams; damage
  • Apply a protective coating of EPOX-Z NRG at least every 10 years
    Encapsulates and preserves the healthy roof

Contact your roofing contractor to discuss a regular roof maintenance program.

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