High Performance Coatings


EPOX-Z MASTICâ„¢ is a high-grade construction repair mortar designed to resist water penetration

Use EPOX-Z MASTIC on any area of the roof where water infiltration could occur, such as along the edges of the flashing, at seams and corners, and over nails and screws. It delivers:

  • Superior adhesion to all substrates
  • Long-lasting repair of concrete and steel pipe
  • Strong joins of new to old concrete and cracked bricks or blocks
  • Bridging of void areas between dissimilar materials

EPOX-Z MASTIC is high build, self-reinforcing, thus suitable for knifing or troweling onto vertical and overhead surfaces. It is also effective for repairing decking, vertical cracks, as well as seams between flashing and brick or mortar.

It shares the same differentiating characteristics as other EPOX-Z coatings:

  • 100% solids for superior resistance to water
  • Durability and long service life in variable weather conditions
  • Zero VOCs for environmental safety

Technical Data Sheet