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October 9, 2019

The ability for contractors to win more projects in this competitive environment is based upon their ability to differentiate themselves from the competition. Project owners, who just receive bids based upon low price, conclude that price is all the bidding contractor has to offer. To win the bid, contractors must demonstrate that their solution to the project owners’ problem is the best solution to the problem, regardless of price.

To enable contractors to demonstrate value, which is the greatest competitive advantage of all, EPOX-Z has developed its’ own proposal format. Called the Pro Format.

This approach is tailored to the contractor communities needs and is based upon proven field-tested best practices.

The Pro Format enables the contractor to deliver a solution document instead of just a list of services and prices, which estimating packages provide.

To find how EPOX-Z can help you win more projects simply register by clicking the contractor tab on our web site, www.epox-z.com and we will get started.