High Performance Coatings

Wind Energy

NREL has listed wind blade failures along with gear box failures as the top drivers of maintenance costs in the Wind Energy Sector.

Cause of wind blade failure other than lightning strikes is stress at the leading edge caused by rain erosion and UV degradation of the resin system used in the manufacture of the blades

Polymers in the gel coats and surface paints used in the wind blades are highly vulnerable to degradation by UV light because these polymers absorb the UV light which cause photolytic, thermo-oxidative, and photo-oxidative reactions resulting in the fracturing of the carbon –hydrogen bonds, which results in water intrusion and ultimately increases both internal and external stresses on the blade

To combat these persistent failure mechanisms EPOX-Z NRG coating with its high emissivity values, resistance to water intrusion and high edge retentive properties are now available to the industry.

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